Sarah Fisher, Financial Services Professional




Welcome!  THANK YOU for visiting my web site.  Chances are if you are viewing this page, you are a client, or a client has referred you. 

To my clients – thank you!  It is spending time with and for you which keeps me passionate about my career - about LIFE.  Thank you for sharing your time, your trust, your open minds, and those grateful, caring hearts!  You are the BEST!

To my potential clients – I appreciate your stopping by!  Are you here because you want to know more about me?  To be honest, I want to know more about you, too.  Any first meeting is simply to share more about myself, my practice, and the companies that I am proud to be appointed to represent.  AND for you to share what brought you to this site.  Getting to know you and gaining understanding of what is on your mind and in your heart is essential.  We would only proceed if we are comfortable – to me the comfort of those around the table is more important than what is “on the table.”  

Financial products are tools to assist you in building the plans and goals which should bring peace of mind and a full heart.

My practice has a simple philosophy – to work WITH and FOR my clients as they find ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their dreams.  Those protections generally fall into several categories – capital [human and real], tax [now or later], inflation [deflation or both], lifestyle [comfort of mind], and legacy [the wonder of you!] 

We are in wonderful times and there is a plethora of varied and versatile financial tools available.  My commitment is to learn what is on your mind and in your heart – because your goals are what should determine which tools are best for YOU and YOUR dreams.